Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why David Wright Is A Good Man...

Ballplayers make a ton of money, but while they all may be carrying around fat wallets, they all aren't altruistic humanitarians.

The following was conveyed to me by a good friend and colleague (DS, we'll get another WS Ring this year!)...

A few years ago his son was sick in isolation with a potentially contagious disease. The sign on his hospital room read something like "DO NOT ENTER - INFECTIOUS AREA."

One day, a young gentleman pays no attention to the sign, walks in the childrens ward and spends time with the young lad. He gives him a NY METS Teddy Bear and an autographed ball -- and one to his brother as well.

This was none other than David Wright.

Recently Sprint held a promotion where children had to write a 200-word or less essay of their #1 hero...The boy conveyed his story about David Wright. Not only did he win, he gets a chance to partake in a two hour baseball clinic being conducted by Carlos Beltran!!! In addition they also get goodybags filled with an autograph, Mets goodies etc. as well as two tickets for that night's game.

It is rumored that DS's son will be wearing his Little League Uniform which, by a "sheer coincidence????!!!!!" is #5, the same as David Wright's.

Hats off to the Mets, David Wright and Carlos Beltran, but more important, Hats Off To DS's sons. They are the winners. It's their moment to shine on the field and brighten their lives. A day they will never forget.

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