Friday, August 04, 2006

Strange Game - Loss to Phillies

Ah, well, the game just ended and the Mets are in the L column with a 5-3 trouncing. A few interesting things...

  • The two balks (heard on the radio, didn't see as of this writing)
  • Chase Utley's 35 game hitting streak now has a toe-tag

and, the "you gotta see it to believe it..." dept.

  • El Duque hits a triple...yes, a triple. This reminds me of an anecdote from Jim Bouton's Ball Four. Mel Stottlemyer hit an inside the park homerun. The press asked Bulldog Bouton what he thought of it, and jokingly he said (paraphrased) "I didn't like it too much - it puts pressure on all us other pitchers to hit inside the park homeruns"

Hey, Met's pitchers - Lets Hit Some Triples!

Adios until tomorrow.


PlayItLouder said...

Depressing that Utley's streak was broken by a lucky stab by the underwhelming Jose Valentin, heretofore notable only for sporting MLB's cheesiest porn-star 'stache.

Also funny to watch Pedro's antics in the dugout as El Duque*, who has to be twice his age, loped around the bases. Equally comical was Hernandez seemingly thinking he had knocked the ball out of the park, then quasi-accelerating when it was obvious that he hadn't.

*Spanish for "El Duque", by the way.

Anonymous said...

Actually Bouton said he was hoping Stottlemyer would fall down, because if he hit an inside-the-park homer it would put pressure on all the pitchers to hit inside-the-park home runs, and who needs that? It was a joke, of course, but he caught some flak for it. I thought it was a funny line.