Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green...OH YES IT IS! Woo-Hoo We Got SHAWN GREEN! Mazel Tov!!!!!

I thought I heard it during the game tonight -- and fortunatley, the announcers repeated it...Shawn Green has been traded to the Mets...

Finally. A GOOD trade this year - that is, post the July 31 deadlines. As you know I blogged about the Nady trade a few times and it still irks me. But this can make amends. Shawn is an excellent player with a good attitude and a role model. Or a Role Mazel *Tov*

Shawn as you know is dedicated to his Judiasm and is will be an inspiration for the large Jewish population of New York. And that is great. The more fans we can attract to the park, the louder we will yell in the World Series this, and the coming years.

For those who know me, one of my favorite country singers is Don Gibson allmusic ((( Don Gibson > Overview ))) and he did a song once called Country Green Lyrics: Country Green by Don Gibson and I am hoping the Mets will use this when Shawn comes up swinging the bat.

Tonights game was great.

I may have said before -- and I still mean it -- this year the excitement and confidence is like it was in 1986 --- (time for a dig here: pre- and post-John Franco - does that tell you anything?) I had a gut feeling that after being down 7-1, the Metropolitans would come back - and this was the same innate instinct us Mets fans had back in 1985-86.

Lets rock some more wins and welcome Shawn to Shea...

Random Thought...Whatever became of Anderson Hernandez?

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Anonymous said...

Anderson Hernandez is all glove and no bat. They'll get Soriano next year and then A.H. can be the player to be named later.