Monday, August 14, 2006

Shades of 1962 -- or the 1990s


All of us Mets fans got punched in the gut tonight with the Phillies 13-0 trouncing over the Metropolitans. Fortunately, I wasn't glued to the set, but peered in every chance I had. I wish my stocks went up the way the Phils score did (but thats another time, another blog and another audience - consider yourself lucky you aren't on the receiving end).

Suddenly, I had a flashback - a deja vu...I had to look for the newspaper and online to see what year it was. Seemed like the way the Mets let all the runs score (let's just say it was a Swiss Cheese defense - to borrow from football), it was like giving the store away. I was readly to see Al Jackson pitching, Mo Vaughn at first, Bobby Bo in the outfield, and, yes, Mackey Sasser catching.

So, let's all chalk this one up as a fluke. There's tomorrow and we have a huge 14 or so game lead.

Let's go

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