Monday, August 21, 2006

Dented Can Sale

What is going on with the Mets and these trades?

Nady is gone for a 41 year old dead horse and a guy that was 2-10. Does it make sense?

NOW, we get Guillermo Mota for a player to be named. Granted, pitching is a commodity that has to be explored, but the way they burn out pitchers these days is scary.

Up until the 1970s, it wasn't uncommon for hurlers to have double digit complete games -- even if they lost. And, Relievers would come in the second or third inning and finish out the game. Now, after 100 pitches, BOOM, the starter is in the showers.

Speaking of showers, who will the Mets give up for this Mota guy? Time will tell. Perhaps Roberto Hernandez???

Anyway, the Mets have to stop getting these marginal guys and go with the Barry Zito type quality pitchers. AND, not the Bret Saberhagens or the Kevin Appiers who wind up imploding.

If you go down to your local supermarket, in the back of aisle 18 on the three shelves in the endcaps, they have dented cans there. Maybe a former player stocked the shelves. Tell Mota and Hernandez HI! the next time you are there.

Done rambling. You get my point.

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