Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mike Piazza - YA MADE US PROUD

It was great to see my favorite Met, Mike Piazza again. The hard thing to swallow was that he is now a Padre. No, not in the clerical sense, but in the baseball sense.

The fans of NY really showed class. I mean, for all ostensible purposes, he, as anyone who is not in a Mets uniform - is now the "enemy."

You know for a second I got nostalgic. I was thinking....HMMMM, what if the Mets do what they have done with several other players who left and came back? OK Mr. Minaya, some of these are yours, others aren't, but please get the hint (OK, I am groveling on my knees and pleaing):

Tom Seaver
Todd Zeile
Rusty Staub
Jeremy Burnitz

And, maybe one day....MIKE PIAZZA! Mike Piazza Statistics -

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