Monday, August 31, 2009

It Cuts Like A Knife (But it DOESN'T Feel All Right)

Johan and Ollie went under the knife today. It's a good thing Mets fans didn't have a chance to cut Ollie the way he has been cutting us. (A lot of runs and walks are coming out of this $36 million dollar arm).

The other note is that Beltran will be making a rehab start...let's hope all goes well.

September 1 is just 2 hours away. It will be interesting to see who the Mets (and other teams) call up to expand the rosters. Maybe a few diamonds. A friend of mine has been touting Ike Davis who is in the lower levels...At this rate, I agree with one of his statements...Let the minor leaguers play. They deserve a look without judgement of winning or losing. Does this mean I am packing in the season? Well, mathematically I think it was decided - though not officially yet.

Well, off to read the latest issue of Baseball Digest- an enjoyable bunch of words...(And the quizzes are pretty tough too!)

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Anonymous said...

Ike Davis was a topic of discussion on SNY last night. Guess he is not small potatoes as you noted the other day.

Bottom line is that he hit 20 HRs in 429 ABs this year (his first year in pro baseball). Not too bad.