Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?

I heard the expression of the title of this blog a few times growing up. Today it happened with the Mets. Finally, a chance to trounce a good team (nowadays, all the teams they play are good, even the ones that suck) in front of the opposition's home crowd. Though there really wasn't anyone there...just several whole sections of empty seats with a few dots representing people. The box score claims 14,000+ showed up. Nice try.

Anyway, the skeleton crew (let's be real here, Third Shift) of the Mets performed admirably and it was smart to stretch Tim Redding a few innings since he is one of the key starters now.

While I am on that, wouldn't it make sense for the Mets to take a look at Brad Penny, fresh from his release from Boston? Wouldn't cost much and is a semi solid band-aid to minimize (did I say that?) the loss column.

On WFAN, they were speculating that the Mets COULD lose 90 games this year...scary.

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