Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stop The Presses! (More like Stop Perez-es)

Today the Mets played a matinee where they...(GASP) - WON. The sarcasm is heavy here because each time I watch them in an afternoon contest they come away with an "L."

The recap of the game from the NY Times: has an interesting line on Oliver Perez. Ollie, had 5 walks or so in the first 5 innings and the score was 1-0. Unreal, and ya got lucky on that. The TV commentators were saying he average 8.point walks per 9 innings....(oh, and 5 was considered BAD)... It baffles me why we keep him. Was he a jailhouse lover of the Wilpons?

Anyway, despite the free passes, he FINALLY pitched well. No decision, but better than the albatross of the Ls he carried around.

Kudos to Cory Sullivan. Getting one triple is HARD, two in a game, well, you can fill in the superlative here.

Off tomorrow and back east against the Giants...I just checked...barring and irregularities in the sked, we MISS Lincecum.

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