Monday, August 17, 2009

Cora Cora Cora...Wright Away...DeciMETed

Unravelling is the term that comes to mind. Wright is woozy and in a text poll, 52% of all fans agreed he should be shut down for the year...Cora has trouble with his hands and is now gone too.

They always say the only direction is up....and I am an optimist, but the team is deciMETed from opening day. (Yeah, obvious statement).

So, I am driving back from Pennsylvania today (was able to stay connected with WFAN!!!!) and I hear that Aubrey Huff was traded. Granted, his value has gone down a bit on paper since earlier this year, but he can play 1B and 3B...who gets him? The Tigers for a Minor League pitcher.

Too many good or decent players (granted, some would be band aids for only 2009) came by and Omar watched them drift away....(just like the win column, just like the ERA, just like the....

On a positive note, I got tix for the Mets-Phils next Monday afternoon...have an extra if anyone is interested....

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