Monday, August 24, 2009

Level the Field....Field Level...Not a Level Playing Field - 6-2 Loss

Today I had what can be tantamount to an out of body experience. No, nothing celestial. Just ballpark bliss.

I bought a few tickets to today's game on eBay and went with a friend. My intention was to sell two to cover the game. Cliff Lee, last year's Cy Young winner - should be a slam dunk. Had a few scalpers offer me $10 for the pair and were mad I didn't sell. About 2 minutes later, I sold the pair, met a friend and we walked in.

As we walked in, a man approached me and tapped me on the back. He asked to see my ticket. At first I thought the eBay transaction may have been a fraud...We had the paper tickets, but thought the eBay seller duped and sold the electronic and the hard copy tix...Nothing of the kind.

Major upgrade at CitiField today...walked in, security tapped me on the back, looked at my ticket (Sec 537) and asked if I wanted to be upgraded...Moved us to field level seats (Sec. 109) on the right field line...about 20 feet away from the ball boy.

One of the cool parts in getting to our seats was we had to walk in the maze of the tunnel under the stadium PAST the player's club house.

Was nice to be so close...wish the score was. But it was an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Mr. Security Guard

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