Thursday, August 20, 2009

Livan, On a Jet Plane (Don't Think He'll Be Back Again)

I Shall Return....or so, declared Billy Wagner in his mind...and, he did.

Coming back from Tommy John surgery, the 38-year-old hurler set the stage with a first pitch strike right down the alley. And he looked good retiring the side.

And, the end of an era as Livan Hernandez, another one of the ageless brothers, gets cut by the Amazins. He had some good outings, but is definitely past his prime. OK, so, why didn't they try to trade him and get some value in return? Some of the minor stars got away for nothing (Aubrey Huff, etc.)

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As I write this, Mets are holding their own against the Braves in the 9th...down 3-2....I am signing off and hoping this turns into a W.

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