Sunday, August 02, 2009

Diamonds are the Hardest Rocks to Break (Especially.....)

When your opposing pitcher gets 5 at-bats during a game, well, that says it all.

Pelfrey was good...didn't melt....

Scary stat...Mets lead the majors in walks...something like 418 in 922 innings.

I took a look at some numbers from ESPN...Ollie Perez has 47 BBs in 48 innings (now that's a surprise)...Livan is next with 43 in 120 innings and Johan has the same, but in 137....The rest of the list is brutal. If we only showed more control, less base runners = less runs.

Facing Dan Haren tomorrow who is stellar. Gotta turn the tables.

I'm heading to the park on Tuesday night...

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