Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pelfrey.....struggling as I Write This

So - what is wrong with Mike Pelfrey. Bases loaded, 0-2 count to Garrett Atkins (who is sliding down the talent hill quicker than greased wheels) - what happens. He Walks him.

Threw about 58 pitches to the third inning.

Mets lead the majors in walks...NOT getting them, giving them.

To echo Casey Stengel - Can't Anyone Here Play This Game?

Can't wait for Curling Season to begin....

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Anonymous said...

Mets need to get rid of Pelfrey. Enough is enough. The guy has NEVER been any good. He's had way too many chances to redeem himself. Let him play on the Cubs for a season and then fizzle out and never play baseball again.