Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is the Ollie We Paid $36 Million For...

With all due respect to the great Oliver Hardy, who in my opinion was one of the comic geniuses of all-time, our Oliver Perez couldn't have bumbled more that our pal at the left did. Wait - let me change that, he bumbles MORE!

(Keep in mind, Mr. Hardy was acting and wasn't this way in life. However, Mr. Perez looks good in the beginning and then the bottom drops out).

I was kicking myself for the first few innings for NOT picking him up as a starting pitcher in a fantasy league, but then all of a sudden, I had the feeling of validating my gut instinct.

I won't drone on here, but performances destined for a routine collapse were a focus of elimination by Mets management. (Remember Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoenweis?).

The Metropolitans definitely overpaid on this one. Today's loss was expected. Good, let's move on, but keep in mind, I don't want to see Mr. Perez twiddling his tie and say, "hmmm hmmm hmm....pardon me, Mr. Omar, I seem to have made a faux pas."

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Anonymous said...

remember that he's about two weeks behind due to the WBC. Not that this performance is anything really new, but this is a guy who's won 15 games in a season for us.

We overpaid because he was all that was out on the market - I'm still happy in the long term that they didn't sign Lowe, and yes, I saw his opening day line.

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