Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Day off. No game. No facts, just pondering.

A good friend of mine via Facebook is a die hard Mets fan too. We were weighing in on the Sheffield influence (good / bad) and came to the conclusion that there was no downside risk. If he messes up - BOOM. Gone. We also wondered if his temper flared up, what would happen to the watercoolers. (Footnote - Paul O'Neill of the Yanks is the world's foremost champ on destroying them.

My Mets Amigo had this to say if Sheff pursued that route:

"if he busts watercoolers, contract is torn up and they are only 400k in the red (about 45 pretzels)" and the rest of the guys get together in the brand spanking new cushy clubhouse and laugh (while watching their personal replays on their personal flat screen tee vees) and chirp, "yo, did you see what that crazy mo'f'n' Shef did?"

Gotta love it. I rather Sheff crushes a few dingers when they are needed.

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