Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Can't Think of a, Please Ad Lib Your Own

Adam Rubin's article today, really sums it up. Click

I think we should call it Ollie's seems more like a song and dance when he pitches. Time to make a move. (Oh, and designating THE ((pronounced THEEE)) Casey Fossum for assignment doesn't count). To interject and get off the point, Casey Fossum sounds like a Charles Dickens/W.C. Fields type name. Seeing a "47" on a back of a Met conjures up Glavine. UGH!

Ollie needs to be moved out of the rotation and we need to bring in (via trade) a semi-solid band aid. The question is WHO?

As I write this, it's a Sunday night, and I have no idea. Perhaps when I dream (nightmare?) tonight about the Mets it will come to me...OH! I just got a good idea...Nick Swisher -- or maybe even Jose Canseco. See Stats: -- Footnote - his ERA was ONLY 27.00 - which is eerily lower than Chen Ming Wangs.....

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