Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cardinals Made the Mets Their Own Altarboys...

I know the headline is a bit vile, but it basically describes how the St. Louis Redbirds basically owned and dominated the Metropolitans today in an afternoon contest (oh, sorry for using the word 'contest' - you have to be competitive to qualify). Mets lost the last 4 after winning the previous 3 of 4.

So today's post brings an interesting exchange. I posted on my Facebook page...

"I wonder if Beltran's 3-Run HR will spark a come from behind rally..."

And got some pretty interesting, erudite, snide (accurate) and realistic replies. Names here are changed to initials to protect the guilty.

L.T. 4:29pm April 23 - Snore. Bring on the football season already.

D.T. at 4:37pm April 23 - Doubt it.

L.S. 4:45pm April 23 - "A bigger concern PITCHING!!!!Can we find any?"

T.S. at 5:09pm April 23 - "I'd be happy if it sparked fewer LOB's on the box score."

P.T. at 5:09pm April 23 - "Do the Mets know they can advance more than 1 base on a hit? They take the term base hit literally. Frustrating and boring to watch right now."

M.B. at 9:45pm April 23 - "Time to place a call to Pedro and Ben Sheets."

P.T. (again!) at 9:51pm April 23 - "..and Manny and Brian McNamee."

M.B. (again!) at 9:53pm April 23 - "...or Nick Swisher. (That's my second Swisher joke today!)"

Putting all this together, I agree...need a few high caliber hot players like Swisher (he's a walking OBP dude) and Ben Sheets, if the wing gets better, I think would be an interesting pick up.

Any base running coaches out there that can teach guys (who hold a bat on their shoulders when its an X- and 2 count?)

Grapes are getting sour -- and so is the tone of my fingers hitting the keyboard. Time to rebound against the lowly Nationals.

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