Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 W's Against W

These last two games were confidence builders. I know a win against the lowly Montreal Expo---er, Washington Nationals is like beating up the little kid in front of the drugstore and taking his lunch money, but this happened to the Mets a few times the last few days...why not reciprocate?

Still the deal of leaving men on base - this time 8 - is an ongoing issue, but Beltran had a good game and so did Murphy - defensively (you read that right).

I was very impressed with the hustle from Left Field to get that ball and to throw out the semi-speedy Anderson Hernandez at first...This should exonerate Danny from his previous gaffes.

OK, I raved a lot about CitiField in a few recent posts, now it's time for some validation. MT, who has guest blogged a few times here went to his first game. Here is what my fellow colleague (poor bastid and I are in the same profession AND Mets fans!) had to say...

Sun was brutal today. Of course, Murphy put on a clown show but what annoyed me more was Beltran not backing him up on the play until after the ball went behind the Mets left fielder.I called (Elijah) Dukes missing that fly ball in the first. The guy is all about how he looks and doesn't play the game the way it should.Wright, Church and the team played well. Pelfrey was effective and the bullpen got it done! Go Mets!

MT is right...more Dukes is a great big hot dog...See ya soon! I welcome your comments....

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