Friday, April 03, 2009

Keep in Mind...It's CitiField - NOT shefFIELD

Where do we start? Today was the first time the Mets walked onto a new field. For those keeping score, they walked on the Polo Grounds for the first time in'62, Shea in '64 and CitiField in '09.

So it was nice to see a "win" over the Red Sox as Manuel did a tune up before Monday's opening day. I was offered two tickets to the game, but unfortunately was unable to make it out there due to a few previous unbreakable commitments. (All I know is productivity for half of Metropolitan New York will be at a diminished rate from 1:10 p.m. on April 6 until the last pitch is tossed -- I plan to partake!).

News today also hinges on the signing of Gary Sheffield. Now, we all know he's a problem boy - and that's why Detroit let him go eating $14 million (stimulus $$$$ -?) of that contract and one HR shy of 500. Is this the makings of a dented can sale?

Omar was on WFAN today and basically summed it up, there is little downside risk. He's being signed at the Major League minimum (boy, we'd all like to have that!). So if he produces, we bought low and (can we? sell high. If he flops, cut bait.
Now, my 2 cents...not a fan of Sheffield, but I do believe he can help the team as a pinch hitter and as a late inning defensive replacement. Would I go out and buy a Sheffield jersey? Nah. Do I think he will be around next year? Nah. Is he going to be part of the franchise? Nah. But, we need live bats and Yah - he's got one. Not for average. Not for clutch - just power. We are still trying to decide whether CitiField is a pitcher's or a hitter's park...I am hoping offensively, a hitter's and defensively, a pitcher's.
That's all for now...back soon!

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Mark Lassiter said...

Speaking of the new place...

CitiField seats fewer than ALL the new/retro ballparks. Coors, Camden Yards, Philly, Turner... ALL of them. It seems that New Yorkers and especially Mets fans deserve a space that invites more (boisterious, regular guy, beer drinking, fans/ kids) to the event. 42,000 is just too small and an insult to the memory of the $2.50 Shea loge seats of 1965. Expand (cough) Citi to 49,000... at least. Sheesh.