Saturday, April 18, 2009

Santana, A Win, Some Friends and A Great Day....

I always used to say (and still do!) a bad day at the ballpark is better than a good day at work...also, a bad seat at a game is better than a comfy seat in the office.

Today, while I did not have a bad seat, I got a chance to see Johan Santana pitch a gem at CitiField.

This guy's arm is amazing. I am amazed how consistent he is. This sums it up...on the ride home the bus was crowded. I gave up my seat to an elderly lady who was standing right next to me. She said..."Looks like you came from the game today." "Yes, I replied." She said "How did the Mets do?" "Wonderful. They won 1-0." "Who pitched?" she inquired and I told her "Santana, and it was a great performance. He really shut the Brewers down and dominated." ...To which she said, "Ahhhhh Santana.... (pause) .....its nice to see SOMEONE finally living up to and beyond the hype!"

This game was a true pitchers duel. Take nothing away from Yanni Gallardo - he matched Santana K for K and Hit for hit. But Santana came up the winner....Cora's bunt was the key. At the same time, my good friend (Thanks for the ticket, S.W.- a friend since we both were young) said it was amazing that the winning run was influenced by a third string catcher, Omir Santos.

On another personal note, it was great to see another friend of mine at the game, B.B....he worked on one of my teams at a recent job and he is a true Mets fan...Wishin ya luck bro!

Back tomorrow...and now we are 1 game over .500...more to come!

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