Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mets Need a Savoir

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I'm a bit jammed today, but a fellow Mets Maniac who stepped up to the plate a few times in the past to write, MT, is back...here is the blogpost for today...

Okay, so here we are seven games into the 2009 season, and our beloved Mets are just plain pathetic.

Am I the only one who thinks John Maine should be our number two starter? Why are they giving Pelfrey so much credit?Defense aside, the Mets really need an offensive spark - a savior, if you will.

Per the following ESPN article - http://myespn.go.com/blogs/sweetspot/0-1-44/Mets--Sheffield-to-get-outfield-start.html - my prayers have been answered.

I am confident that if Gary Sheffield is afforded enough ABs, he can re-emerge as a deadly power hitter and help the Mets win some ball games.I am not liking what I've seen from the Mets so far, but maybe it's still a little too early to criticize them.


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Mark Lassiter said...

I'm not certain there is any savior available. The best thing for the Mets is to simply play baseball. The more games the better. What people may miss amid the fuss over the stadium is that the wounds from last season may not have healed.

That disappointment must be exorcised with a few dramatic ninth inning celebrations, or a full blown brawl where the pitchers scuffle before the can get bout of the same bullpen gate.

The new ballpark is nice, but it needs to be broken in, blessed, christened or just baptized with a few leftover cases of Rheingold Beer.

It's early.

We will see Freddie Garcia, Tim Redding and Billy Wagner (and quite possibly Fernando Martinez after the blockbuster trade for Peavy) before its over.

Enjoy The Ride