Monday, April 27, 2009

Logic Defied - Logic Defined? As Archie Bunker Would Say...."WHATEVER"

When you have a hard time beating the worst team (Nationals) and then come back and whoop the best (or one of them - Marlins) with a 1-hitter from your starter who was having a boat load of trouble, then you have the consider that this is the conundrum of baseball.

(The Nationals and last year's World Series Champs staged a 13-11 battle tonight as well).

Bright spot was in Omir Santos' granny. That helped propel confidence.

A good friend of mine had an do a shake-up...not sure I fully agree, but, here goes...Cliff Lee (P, Indians) for Daniel Murphy, Ramon Castro and two others. I like Murphy.

The pitching definitely is still a question mark despite Maine's performance. It isn't as strong as the Milwaukee Braves duo in the 40s/50s...Spahn and Sain (then pray for rain)...we can't (yet) say Santana and Maine (then pray for rain).

On another note - an actual reader of this blog had a bit of a mini gripe (all in fun) that I slammed #47 (Glavine and Fossum - no, don't go back to the Spahn / Sain thing...these two are far from it)...He gently brought up that he wore #47 in Pop Warner football and kept it through college during intramurals. Lord, forgive me for sullying a number. (Glavine and Fossum STILL suck no matter what letter, number or symbol are on their back. My friend in Pop Warner, well, he admits he was no star either).

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