Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wagner. Heilman. Reminds Me of John Franco Blowing Games...

The first 8 innings of tonight's game were great. Not much to chirp about. Santana was pitching well and held the fort down - but alas, he doesn't collect a W. Start sending the "Thank You" Notes to Billy Wagner and Aaron Heilman.

Wagner had every opp and reason to beat his old team, but for some odd reason, kept letting batters from the 'Stros reach base. And, alas, they tie it. Not a line item in the job description of a closer. Worse yet, Heilman comes in the 10th and gives the game away.

Take a close look at the box score, especially the men left on base (LOB). Mets have a baker's dozen - which is bad, but the 'Stros have a quarter of a century -- and they STILL win.

A friend of mine commented to me after the game, "Wagner got a free pass...Heilman needs to go to triple A." I agree, but I would send Heilman to another team and let them deal with it.

Now's the time where I get a bit snarky..."See Omar, you should have been pulling triggers and flipping switches the last week of July..."

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