Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Aaron Heilman -- Is he For REAL?

Another "fasten your seat belt" performance from Aaron "Enola Gay" Heilman. Gees, he keeps dropping these bombs and rattling the hell out of us fans.

Mets were up by a good 6-2 margin when Mr. GiveItUp, well, gave up a 3 run king kong to the world famous Jody Gerut (Box Score).

It is just baffling beyond the permissible pale of comprehension how a team keeps putting out the bait for hitters to hit. Heilman is just bad. He gave up a surprisingly low 9 HRs this year -- last two were a 3 and 4 run numbers.

Each day, the Mets pitching staff seems to erode like a glacier in Hades. Maine. Wagner. Away. Heilman (should be put away) and Duaner "Hey Taxi" Sanchez is not Ole Reliable.

I'm tired of sounding like an old washerwoman, but this pitching is just bad. I can remember in the early 90s when the Mets just reeked of solid starters.

OK Omar, dig up some goodies from the minors or work the wavier wire...

NOTES: Seems like some of the position rookies are doing well. There are less of them than last year, but Nick Evans and Dan Murphy and pitcher, Eddie Kunz are nice surprises. Let's cultivate them and not burn em out.

And, a special shout out for Fernando Tatis...GO GET EM AGAIN, EffTee!

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