Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Day in Aug. Nice W

I can't believe it is the END of August. So much baseball, so little time.

I am happy the way the Mets capped off the month with a W against the Fish. The play of the game, to me, was the final where Jose Reyes stuck his glove out and caught the line drive. Hustle is key.

Tomorrow will bring a whole new dynamic to the game. The September call ups. It reminds me a lot of the gym during January. Some will stick around and be good (fit), others will drop out of sight and never be seen again (binge eaters, drinkers, etc).

Saw a graphic on Sunday's game and it looked all Latino. It's going to be a blast if Jose, Al and Argenis Reyes gets into a game. This is the ultimate call: "Ball pitched by Reyes (1); it's hit up the middle and Reyes (2) gets it and tosses it to the bag for the out, caught by Reyes (3).
1) Al
2) Jose
3) Argenis.

Ah...September. We are just a step away from October, so let's make it.

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