Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gaining Ground...One Grain of Sand at a Time

Earlier in my salad days as a blogger (OK, since 2006) I may have referred to the Mets taking on a Sisyphus-like journey to the top.

Yesterday was horrendous. 13 innings and then Schoenweis gives up the ghost. (He and Heilman seem to corner the market on that).

Tonight, a decisive win. The Flip of the John Kerry Flop showed up. We like when the Mets win, but to slither down the drain like last night after being a commander on the field was, well, you fill in the blank _________________

Interesting stat popped up on SNY and it showed a dramatic drop off of average for the starters in the later innings. Are we TOO focused on middle relief to notice? Hope not. Baseball may be a diamond, but you need 360 degrees of visibility.

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