Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pelfrey - A Star (well, As conveyed by Text Messaging!)

First...glad the Mets held on to a shaky lead against the Pirates tonight. It was the start of a mini-melt, but something we were able to hold off. Thanks Jerry Manuel for being logical.

Now, on Saturday morning around 8 am, I got a text message from MAC who is an occasional contributor --but not that often this year -- AHEM, MAC, love your columns when you step in for me.

So, it turns out he is in Kentucky on biz and I am guessing its an hour behind us. Anyway, for someone to THINK about my blog THAT early on a Saturday, how could I shy away from his comment.

Turns out as you may know, last year and a little bit of this year, I said that Pelfrey sucks and the Mets should get rid of him. This leopard has changed his spots. Not only do I think he is a core member of the pitching staff, I actually believe, just by watching his motion and composure, he is a legit superstar for years to come. As cited earlier in a post (hey, I'm too lazy to find it now -- its close to midnight -- that when he ditched the mouth guard, Pelfrey was a pitcher).

What I feel foolish about was I didn't stick with him in my fantasy league after his last start. That will sure change.

So, MAC, while its late for me, I hope you are up awaiting this post and feel that I rectified my old position. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but MAC got me to change my opinion faster than a politician visiting two diverse audiences an hour apart.

Pelfrey for Prez!

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