Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Heilman Express

Can you believe the guy who mars all the win Opps for Johan Santana actually stepped in and got the win today in a see saw of a game. Aaron Heilman who should be on Waivers....Pssst. Mets - you missed the boat with Chad Bradford who just got picked up by the Devil Rays...and Livan Hernandez too! Why not put Aaron on the wire and see who bites? Think of it as putting out junk at the garages sale.

Who is this aforementioned Jody Gerut? He is 5-for14 in the series against the Mets and 3 (1-2-3) of those are Home Runs. To the Mets, they pronounce it to rhyme with "Babe Ruth"

A series against the Fish and on Sunday, it's Billy Wagner Bobble Head day. Can't wait. (The broken ones have heads that don't move - they are on the disabled list).

The paragraphs tonight are somewhat non-sequetirs. Go ahead, make your own transitions.

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