Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Casey Stengel Was Right

"Can't anybody here play this game?"

Bases loaded, then the ONLY run comes when Damion Easley is plunked on the coconut allowing David Wright to score.

Am I remiss in the fundamentals of hitting?

Well, the score is 4-3 Mets as I am about to finalize this sentence...


matt said...

A win is a win! Hey Sheffield is on waivers, should the Mets grab I'm for a boost to the OF?

UltiMETFan1969 said...

Matt -
Good question re: Sheffield...Ithink he and Manny Ramirez offer a big bat and some good defense....BUT there personalities would not mesh with the existing dynamic. That said, I dont know if bringing a rah rah rabble rouser would shake up the rest of the bats. If the Mets could give up a low level prospect, then, hey, its like a slot machine mentality in Las Vegas...drop a coin in the slot and see what happens. Worse comes to worse, they walk away in October.