Sunday, April 03, 2011

Yesterday I Spoke Toooooo Soon...

Jumped on the gripe box a bit too early yesterday, but happy to have witnessed a good game at the end and one today with a bit of hustle.

Felt like it was the 2005-7 season again - lots of optimism.  R.A. Dickey held his own today (no, not THAT way)...I think he's going to have a good season.

Stat of the day which was eye-popping - The Mets haven't hit a grand slam since August 2009 (Angel Pagan) but have allowed 17 (or 18) since.

Say, is it me, or is Willie Harris the hero of the year?  Keep in mind, the last few years, unheralded players such as Jose Valentin, Angel Pagan and Fernando Tatis made significant contributions.

Let's be Positive!

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