Thursday, April 07, 2011

Halladay Has His Way

Roy Halladay.  For a young chap like me who was too young to see Koufax, I appreciate the grandeur and talent that Roy Halladay has.  Last year he had 21 wins and 9 (yeah, NINE) complete games.

What can I say about the Mets today?  When you go against Roy, you try your best.  I am impressed with the heart the Amazins have shown so far.

Turn the page - the Home Opener against the Nationals is tomorrow.  4:10 p.m....Hmmmmm...I may have to take an extended walk around the building (hiding that transistor radio of days of yore).

Don't jump off the bandwagon- LET'S GO METS!  R.A. Will Show The WAY - and get us many a K!

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