Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mets Pitchers - Gotta Have a Name Starting with C to Get a Hit

Chris Young got two hits in one inning the other day, and tonight Chris Capuano hit a double.  They seem to be doing better than Jose Reyes who was Oh-for-9 (maybe 10?) with runners in scoring position.  FINALLY got his first RBI tonight...a bit late in a contract year.

Now, as I write this, K-Rod got his first at bat (Ironic, huh, putting a weapon in his hand - whatsamatta, his fists aren't good enough?). 

Ninth inning and K-Rod walks two.  (I forgot, someone remind me - what does a closer do?)...Good thing we got Werth to hit into a DP.

Happy with the way the Amazins played and showed hustle.

SO FAR, I like Terry Collins...

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