Monday, March 21, 2011

Mets release Oliver Perez from contract - -- OR, to quote a biblical song title...

Mets release Oliver Perez from contract -

How long have I waited for that headline?


Eons stretches back to the day when I heard the Mets traded the then beloved X-Man, aka Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernandez and this "throw in." As a matter of fact, that's the day this blog was spawned.

A friend put it in perspective on a Facebook post -- and I don't know why it took the Mets such a long time to cut bait -- but they finally did. The line was:

For everyone who thought Ollie was such a great find (read: Minaya and Co.), just remember how the Mets got him... he was a *throw-in* from *Pittsburgh*. When the Pirates don't want you, you can't be good.

Think about that for a second. OK. Makes sense, but why did Mets management award him $12m? It is still baffling. There were a few - not many - good pitchers available during that time, but why give a stratospheric number. That was more than Barry Bonds made (among others).

This is my favorite line of the whole article: "Perez said he received a fair opportunity with the Mets this spring."

And last year. And the year before that, ad infinitum. Heck, even Steve Howe would have been jealous of the chances Ollie got - and blew.

I am glad this happened before the season started. For those who know me, I am not a radical, an activist or a rabblerouser. But had Ollie not been released, I would have called for a boycott from all fan on Opening Day. Then, when the Mets would bring in Ollie, my edict would be for all fans to vacate the stands.

There are many sad things about Perez being on the Mets. One of the biggest was the fact that he pitched the last game EVER at Shea Stadium - I can list many others, but the 8.38+ ERA in spring training has got to be the kicker.

So, #46, in 101 starts with the Mets, 29-29, ONE complete game. No shutouts. 29 batters hit. 74 gopher balls surrendered. 1.51 WHIP and ERAs of the last two years 6.80 and 6.82.

Well, to quote a line from the old gospel song, "Hallelujah, the strife is over."

There is also another one - "RELEASE ME"

Ollie. We did. Pack that steamer trunk and ship on out. There won't be many W's or K's to pack, but you may have to stuff a lot of those L's and pack em tight.

Buh Bye!

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