Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the HELL?????????? - Do We Need to Bring Back Marv Thronberry?

OK. I may be missing something here (pointing to the space between my head)....But, aren't the Mets supposed to be the best team -- or one of them -- in baseball?

What I saw the last few games (losses to the Phillies and - trying to hold back vomit as I say this - LOSS to the WASHINGTON NATIONALS????!!!!!???????? was beyond pathetic.

Reyes suddenly looks like Dick "Doctor Strangeglove" Stuart...or, GASP, butterfingers Marv Thronberry.

And, What the HELL was Scott Schoenweiss thinking? Speaking of, what is he doing in baseball????

Another note that bugged me was the pitch to Marlon Anderson on Saturday that was called for a third strike. The ball was so far to the left of the plate, the ACLU said Dennis Kucinich looked like Ann Coulter.

Gents, let's pick up the pieces and play some baseball.

Last year you guys experienced a similar meltdown against the same inferior teams.

Don't let it happen again. Remember, you want to fill up CitiField's 45,000 (TOO FEW) seats, rather than keep them empty.

I'm done for the day. Thanks for letting me tantrumize!

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