Wednesday, August 08, 2007

756 Reasons Why I Am NOT a Barry Bonds Fan

Yeah. I know he did it. I actually saw it happen on TV. As my post below states, I was at the Chris Isaak concert the night Bonds hit his *M*i*l*e*s*t*o*n*e* (did you notice the asterisks?) home run. I had a funny feeling he would. It was the Washington Nationals after all, and they even have trouble beating the Sisters of Charity Junior Varsity team.

So, the pitch count is 3andtwo, and Mike Bascik, a former Met grooves one and Barroid (as the esteemed Steve Somers on WFAN calls him) socks it with the might of the effects of some heretofore unknown chemical power. Now, he's a "hero" ---TO SOME. Not me.

I can rant like a three year old kid in Toys R Us about this, but, really, what does this say to the kids. If you are a good ballplayer, bulk up with crap. If you suck, bulk up.

Barry, I remember when you were skinny and reed-like, there is NO way you filled out that way naturally.

I'll be happy when A-Rod (thought I am not a Yankee fan), or Pujols or someone beats your record.

Oh, and when you start feeling the pain and aftereffects, watch those tears, some of those chemicals when they react with water are potent and can burn through artificial surfaces.


Sparko said...

One comment I have on this is you talk about A-Rod and Pujols. What makes you think they haven't used steroids or are currently using them?

UltiMETFan1969 said...

Sparko - I think Pujols is clean...A-Rod, well, could be on the bubble. Maybe he used them and stopped once all the ballyhoo started.