Monday, April 02, 2007

What A Way To Begin!

After months of waiting and agonizing "WHEN WHEN WHEN" the baseball season would open, the wait stopped at the depot and we got some ball.

And, there were no disappointments.

Even though the Cards won the World Series, it's nice to beat them in their house on the same nights as they get their recognition.

It seems as if the Mets didn't skip a beat. DoubleGenerationOld Glavine's arm was spectacular. LoDuca's bat was good and naturally, Jose Reyes didn't fail the crowd.

There was one anxious potentially psychologically damaging moment - when Beltran was at the plate and the first two pitches sailed by for strikes. I was lamenting a deja vu'. I mean, who wants to repeat a called third strike without swinging. Fortunately it worked out. Can you imagine the first at bat of the year echoing his last at bat from last year. Forgiveness may not have been in option in that "ultra liberal" fan base of us Mets.

There was a lot of hustle and kudos to the catch that 40 year old Moises Alou made.

Interestingly, if you refer to the link above (click title of the blog topic), the Mets have the best EVER opening day win-loss percentage. Imagine if they had a contending team in the early years!

Well, it feels great to be back...let's talk a bit during the season.

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