Thursday, April 05, 2007

Even The Pope Couldn't Help The College of (St. Louis) Cardinals

Pinch me. (I'd prefer if you were Salma Hayek or Eva Mendes, but just the same).

I feel redeemed that the Mets trounced - TROUNCED - the St, Louis Cardinals in the opening series of 2007.
Mets played classic ball and put a lot of wood on the sphere. Whoever would have said they would have outscored the "World Series Champs" 20-2 this early, I wouldnt have believed them - and I am a diehard.
We were able to overcome that little pest, David Eckstein, and pretty much silence the noise that the best player in the game, Albert Pujols, to a murmur.
So, the "College" of St. Louis Cardinals were basically ex-communicated from their own Vatican by the New York Crusaders. More to come -- watch out other rivals!

In the halo of the late Tug McGraw 2007 is the year to resurrect and follow two Mantras:

"YA GOTTA BELIEVE" (1970s) and "THE MAGIC IS BACK (1980s).
I want to extend an "open enrollment" for all you fair weather fans who want to jump (BUT MUST REMAIN) on the bandwagon...Follow the Metropolitans to the World Series.
Stay Hooked. Enjoy Baseball.

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