Monday, August 02, 2010

14-1; Great Odds to Bet on a Horse - But the Mets STILL Nag

I admit it, I didn't see the whole debacle yesterday - you know, that 14-1 trouncing the last place Arizona Diamondbacks gave to our beloved Mets, but when I turned it on and the first swing of the bat I saw was LaRoche hitting his SECOND three-run homer of the day, that was not a good prelude of things to come.

NOTE:  For those with iron wills, here is the box score.  I warn you, this is something that may traumatize 

You could expect a score like that to be in a lopsided high school sports game, but when you add up the payroll - and, let's face it, once you reach the majors, you are paid for "talent" - this is a pure crime.  Nine plus men stealing money from management, hearts and emotions from the fans and making advertisers cringe for future broadcasts.

Speaking of $, that $12 million bargain, Oliver Perez had a stellar day - (for him) - the good news he walked only 1.  The bad?  4 earned runs in two innings facing 12 batters.  OK, if management is going to pay this kind of $ for a flop, I kindly invite the Wilpons and Minaya to my next garage sale. 

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