Sunday, January 17, 2010

After the Fire (maybe Omar) the Fire Still Byrnes...

Hello All -

Tis been awhile since I blogged about our beloved team. Fear not, I won't recount the bad season the Mets had in '09.

But, some news has prompted me to dust off the cobwebs during the off season. It's time to look ahead.

I have always been an Eric Byrnes fan (just do a search in this blog and you will see how many times I cited him).

Well, as Ralph Kramden said to Alice about his "ship coming in," the Queen Mary is here. The Diamondbacks made a judgement call and picked up Adam LaRoche (do a quick count and see how many teams he's been on the last few years) and designated Eric Byrnes for assignment. So, that simply means they cut bait and he will be available. Az is on the hook for some $11 million, so, whoever picks up Byrnes, can do it relatively cheap.

Byrnes is a good clubhouse leader, a motivator, a hustler and a pest at the plate when he's healthy. Plus, he steals bases and plays gutsy. It's been awhile since we saw the hustling Jose Reyes, so a Byrnes would be refreshing on the basepaths. There is nothing wrong with a Dykstra-Eckstein-Brett Butler-like player.

Omar, you made a few good and a few more BAD judgement calls. I implore you to sign Byrnesie. Sheffield was a similar signing and that worked out better than expected. Eric is a team player and we need good morale.

It won't bust the budget. Byrnes will be a good ambassador for the team. Hey, the Yanks got Granderson, the Mets need a charismatic player.

Omar, fill out a contract and get Eric to sign it. He's interested in the Giants. How about pulling a player away from another team - it's been done to us too many times.