Saturday, May 05, 2007

Checking In...

Hello Dear Fan - ( I am hoping this is plural).

It's been awhile since I wrote and I am sure you have been waiting up all night. Relax. Your insomia will be cured by the end of the paragraph.

Been so busy with work and life that it's been tough to actually get the time to write. A lot of ideas and observations are swirling around this nogging of mine (which is covered by a Mets cap).

A few things...

I am playing in an ESPN Fantasy baseball league: I decided to join and let THEM do an automatic draft. I got Beltran and LoDuca and along the way picked up Glavine, El Duque and Jose Valentin (had to drop both because of their injuries) and have been getting Juan Castro every now and then. My goal is to get as many Mets as I can.

...Went to my first game on April 30. I donated blood and they gave me tickets. Apparently, the bleeding never stopped. I had to sit through Chan Ho Park. It was actually quite a site and I was thinking that some bag boy at a Krogers in the midwest could be doing a better job in the industrial beer leagues (Hey, for all you Ball Four Fans - I wonder if the Ross Eversoles need a pitcher?). The fans were skeptic of him and jeered - rightly so. He actually threw a strike at one point and Shea gave a loud approval.

...Damon Easley and his game winning heroics. To quote Rachel Ray -- "How cool is that?"

Well, as I write this, the Diamondbacks game is about to begin. Love the way the Metropolitans beat good ole Randy Johnson last night. And I saw the guy who caught the home run ball off ancient Randy off the bat of ancient Julio Franco. Some dude named Methuselah.

Until next time...

(PS Root for me in my league and give me any tips and players you think I should have)

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