Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolution for 2007

For every man who has ever donned a Mets uniform, whether it was in Single-A through the Majors, I want to thank you for making my favorite team even better. There were some lean years and many groans, but 2006 has proven that the team has heart, can come back and be a contender.

I want to propose a resolution on behalf of the fans to support the team through the good moments and bad for 2007. We must strive to play perfect baseball and execute the runs, wins and strategic pitching situations.

While it puzzles me why some players chose to leave a budding dynasty and seek the free *(greed)* agency market...Well, let's say one day you are up for a big "I Told You So."

As we countdown the hours (a mere three) to 2007, let's raise our glasses to a toast of champagne -- My toast is: "May we be spilling gallons of champagne in October of '07.

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NotaZito said...

The story behind the Mets cushion involves a bunch of rain... it's bad enough the game was called because of rain - all I had to defend myself was a waterproof cushion on my head...20 thousand people in the stands holding a cushion over their heads... hope it gets some good use in a met home - notAZito or met fan